..And the snowboots are out.


Finally I can wear my Sorel snow boots out without people thinking I’m crazy.

Today I wore:
– Aforementioned snow boots
– Primark thermal lined leggings
– Super-thick socks
– American Apparel thermal top layered with a t-shirt
– Pins & Needles leather jacket
– River Island leopard scarf (convincingly real to Alannah’s cat)

..& it’s still freezing.

However these keep my feet warm and dry in the heaps of snow we’ve had and I wear them pretty much all the time in the winter, even when it’s not snowing, because they are the warmest coziest things, being fleece lined and all. Like Ugg boots but actually practical and better looking. First heard about the things a few years ago over at the now defunct Daddy Likey, mentioned in practical but also cute winter boots for cold weather. Upon further research I immediately saw these online and imported them from the US at some crazy price, even though Treds are selling similar ones for a fraction of what I probably paid.

Even though the snow won’t be around for long, Sorels are still amazing, good-looking boots to have in the cold, cold weather, & even if you don’t love faux fur they do them in a ton of different styles all over the internet. You also get to watch students navigating slippery snowy pavements in Converse and ballet flats, then laugh at them. And even if classes get cancelled because of ‘adverse weather conditions’ you can still walk to the pub without falling on your bum.

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