London Fashion Week: Street Style Edition!

I’m in the midst of my busy trend forecasting unit so life is crazy right now, but since most of my class is in Milan on a trip classes are cancelled for this week – so I got to go London during the Fashion Week events and take awesome street style photos!

Here’s a rundown of some of the lovely, insanely stylish fashionistas I met:

Love this Goth-flavoured city look – not everyone can pull off dark lipstick and circle lenses so well.

Colourful, cozy, chic winterwear for freezing days! This girl was a sweetheart too!

When wearing all black, different shades and textures mix up a casual look. Still hunting for my perfect leather jacket.

The variety of pink pastels in this look remind me of strawberry ice cream! Love the handmade pins.

Some of the photographers and journalists dressed just as well as the centre-stage fashionistas. Such a magnificent statement jacket.

The sweetest sweet lolita! I’m forever in love with lolita style even if I can’t quite pull it off myself. Also: bunny headpiece. Amazing.

Pink holo leggings and pink shoes, unlikely combination which just works.

Luxe fur collars are so necessary when it’s this cold.

This girl got mobbed by photographers! No surprise as her vintage-look wool coat is amazing and she was so lovely about having her photo taken.

Big respect for anyone who can wear pink and red together so well.

Stand-out gold metallic coat bought from a vintage store.

Check skinny trousers are a personal favourite, these red ones are kind of amazing.

Smart fur collared coat worn casual, blue ones are unusual & I love it.

I never dressed this cool when I was 11; my pre-teen self is slightly jealous! Also, pink DMs!

Neon pink spiked beanie with an understated black outfit, keeping your head warm is a must in this weather!

More neon pink accessories with gorgeous matching lipstick and one of the coolest headpieces ever – tentacles I think?

Absolute darling who makes her own incredible floral headpieces for weddings and fashion, so much talent in one place!

As you can tell, I had a busy & wonderful day talking to some of the most stylish ladies in the city, not to mention sampling London’s finest mexican foods & cupcakes – I could never pass up such an opportunity! Although London’s always fun, I’m very happy living in Bournemouth where it’s not quite so busy & populated.

I want to take even more street style shots soon for the street report part of our project, so stay tuned!

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