The Street Style Edit: March Edition!

As much as I do prefer to post regular updates, it isn’t always possible as Life Stuff happens; not always expected, completely throwing out the window any pre-acquired sense of organisation, productivity or healthy eating habits. I’m hoping all of the Life Stuff will gradually settle into place so I can be a bit more organised, especially since I have a biiig unit coming up at uni and I’m not entirely confident about it right now and therefore need to step my game up and work my face off yet again.

Anyway, onto street style goodness! For part of my last unit I took street style photos, 90% in London, which I thought would be terrifying but I loooved it. Last time I brought you the London Fashion Week edition; here are my ultimate favourites from last month for my March edit! Please comment & let me know what you think!


Got to love a big designer handbag contrasted with high street items. This girl keeps her on-trend beanie simple in black with a matching scarf plus girly pink studded shoes to stand out amongst masculine boots in the cold cold weather.


People wearing BRIGHT winter basics make me so happy; boring Londoners dressed in a uniform of ugly black raincoats and cheap black shoes make me sad. Extra points for co-ordinating your coat with your hair, of course.


It bothered me in a way that I couldn’t tell how old this stylish lady wash, but I loved her stand-out blue trousers teamed with her black jacket and white hair – classic!


Never quite getting over grunge style. Pastel hair and wear-everywhere khaki jackets are definitely my thing. Especially when I see others do it so well.


More stand-out brights in the crazy cold weather – this girl managed to pick up this awesome skirt for cheap in a charity shop, getting a big thumbs up from myself of course.

Again a fan of the more ‘unusual’ colours and pops of brights in a winter street style outfit. Not to mention the understatedly stylish Burberry coat.

Sunshine yellow DMs are a necessity in the grey British weather.

As nerve-wracking as it can be going up to fantastically stylish people in the streets and asking for their photo, especially in our culture, I really do enjoy it. Despite the ~10% of people who will say no, shoo you away or just plain ignore you, the other 90% are lovely, great to chat to about our shared appreciation for style & I’ve even kept in contact with a couple! I do feel a bit of an amateur going around with my (virtually antique and often uncooperative) iPhone 3G camera so maybe I shall invest in a nice fancy camera when I can afford it. Not to mention, most of the well-known bloggers who shoot street style on occasions have ‘blog cards’ to hand out to their subjects so they can check out the photographer’s blog, & also be reassured the photos aren’t being used for dodgy purposes! Something to think about, maybe?

Hope to be bringing more street style posts soon, in better weather of course!

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One Response to The Street Style Edit: March Edition!

  1. Vanessa says:

    That purple coat is pretty cute!

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