Vintage Belts & ASOS Marketplace


This week I helped a friend sell some clothes and accessories on Asos Marketplace by taking some snaps for her. I knew about the Marketplace before but hadn’t previously taken a proper look at it, imagining it full of things that weren’t my style or just second-hand rubbish. Aaaand I was wrong.

The Marketplace is great for:

– Great hand-picked vintage! I don’t get to go to London or any big cities to browse boutiques much, so it’s ideal having small businesses display their vintage pieces online for me to browse from the comfort of my bed.

– Affordable designer pieces! You won’t find any Dior or Chanel for pocket change like you could do in a poorly-run charity shop, but you’ll find pieces from past seasons for a cut price, often in like-new condition. I spotted some reduced Mulberry and Acne pieces that, although not my style, would look great on someone else.

– Buying it now! No waiting around for auctions to end, if you like that denim jacket you can pay for it immediately.

– Second-hand bargains! Often brand new or in excellent condition. Plenty of Topshop and Zara.

I checked out the accessories section since I’ve been overwearing the same Pac-Sun belt with my dresses and playsuits for months. I ended up with three and ended up spending way more than I could have anticipated, whoops. I know some fashion forecasters are saying ‘vintage’ is on its way out, but these are gorgeous.

Heart belt from E-Vintage
Silver rose belt from Bang Bang – received a 10% discount code flyer in the package
Green swan belt from My Vintage

All items arrived well-packages and within a couple of days despite the weather, I’d recommend all sellers highly.

If anyone else has bought something amazing from Asos Marketplace I’d love to see!

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A New Start.

This morning the road outside my house looked like this


so I did something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time – start a shiny new fashion & style blog!

I used to write Love, Lust & Pixie Dust over on Blogspot during my time at 6th form but unfortunately the work piled up pretty fast during my final year. Lately I’ve missed writing so much I just had to come back to it.

Since studying Fashion Design & Technology I’ve become much more aware of what’s happening in the fashion world, trends and designers and such, so it will be more grown-up and informed than my old one. However I still like to keep it personal and write about things I love, so that’s not going to change. In my time studying I’ve learned that no designer, blog or collection is ever ‘perfect’, fashion is about opinion, nothing is ever exactly ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, it’s all about interpretation and personal expression which is what I loved about it in the first place. Expect photos, reviews and fashion news aplenty!

My work blog is Fashion Design & Technology if you’re interested in what I get up to in the studio at uni.

I’ll be staying in watching Utopia (so far excellently weird) and cocooning in my giant duvet keeping warm, stay safe! xox

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